There’s nothing like a little home repair, is there? After you fix up your own place, you feel satisfied. Who rules the roost? You do. It’s yours, both by virtue of your name on a contract and from the way it’s held together. That’s why people move into charming old cottages — not just for the ambience and the connection to eras gone by, but also for the satisfaction of tinkering with a place until it really feels like they have made it their own.

Then the pipes burst and the basement floods, and suddenly you’re bailing and mopping for hours. The heater takes forever to kick on in winter, and in summer, the ants come marching in. They say “rustic” always has its charm, but sometimes you just want everything to be crisp, bright, and new in order to really feel like you’ve got a slice of luxury.

Updated Luxury in Gatlinburg Condos = Windswept 211

Leave your toolbelt, work gloves, and mop and bucket back at home – there’s no better vacation from the perils of home ownership than a week in one of the luxury condos in Gatlinburg!

Windswept 211 is a tastefully appointed, handicap accessible 3 BR/ 2 BA condo in Gatlinburg’s Chalet Village that’s been recently remodeled. It comes with a ton of amenities, including a wood-burning fireplace, 3 bedrooms with 3 Queen-size beds, 2 bathrooms (both of which are also handicap accessible), WiFi throughout, a well-equipped kitchen, and easy access to a swimming pool and hot tub during the summer. Of course, like the finest Gatlinburg condos, Windswept 211 comes with an amazing view of the Smoky Mountains, both from the living room and the sunroom.

Condos in Gatlinburg are a Great Home Base

You might have noticed that Windswept 211 sleeps 6 in three different bedrooms, which makes it a great option for couples vacationing together, families reuniting or families with kids. There are a lot of different kinds of vacationers who can appreciate what Windswept 211 has to offer, and that’s also because there’s so much to do in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Gatlinburg has been a favorite vacation destination for generations because it offers the rides, shows, and attractions of a resort town, all next to one of America’s national treasures, the massive, wild, and kid- and adventurer-friendly Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Imagine sipping your morning coffee in the sunroom, gazing out at the Smokies while you chart your route through the Park with a map of the local hiking trails out on the coffee table. Maybe coming home and lounging in the pool and hot tub after a day enjoying the attractions of the Gatlinburg Strip sounds great to you. Whatever your vacation plan, Windswept 211 is there to maximize your vacation relaxation.  

Gatlinburg Condos Won’t Stay Available Forever

Condos in Gatlinburg fill up fast, especially throughout the summer season and on school breaks, so make sure to get in touch with the team at Ski Mountain Chalets. Talk to them about your vacation plans and book Windswept 211 before someone else reserves it on the dates you need. Give them a call today!