Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting away from it all and getting out into nature with your special someone.

Nothing beats time together enjoying picturesque sunrise and sunset views, splashing in crystal clear water, listening to the birds chirp, smelling the crisp, clean scent of growing pine trees, setting up a tent in the dark after a long drive, battling the mosquitoes, shaking the mud out of your clothes, gathering firewood on an empty stomach, getting woken up by a rainstorm seeping into your tent, having to hang your food in a tree to keep the bears away, and running out of dry socks. Wait…

What’s not to love about the romantic Smokies? Well, as it turns out, camping has its drawbacks, especially when you’re trying to show someone how much you care.

Thankfully, it’s possible to get back to nature without the hassle, by booking your nights at the charming Gatlinburg chalet, A Great Escape, and adding some luxury to your woodland weekend.  

Smoky Mountain Days

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the nation’s most visited national park for a reason: there are incredible things to do!

Couples looking to reconnect might take a hike through the wildflowers, including the uniquely beautiful pink lady’s slipper, to visit Rainbow Falls, so named because of the rainbows that appear in its mist during the afternoon.

A hike may be fun, but are you looking for something really special to cap off your Smokies experience? Well, lucky vacationers in May and June may be able to catch a truly impressive light show. In early summer the synchronous fireflies emerge and begin their display. It’s an unbeatable experience, and because these are the only fireflies who coordinate their flashes, the only place you can have it is in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Great Escape Nights

Out of all the cabins in Gatlinburg, the A Great Escape is a truly impressive choice for your romantic vacation. This one bedroom, two bathroom Gatlinburg chalet has everything a couple could want for a truly relaxing getaway, including a king-size bed, Jacuzzi, outdoor hot tub, game room with pool table, fully-equipped kitchen with stovetop, oven, and microwave, and, most uniquely, a double-sided gas fireplace that can be enjoyed from both the living room and the bedroom.

Imagine coming back from the trails, freshening up with a hot shower, and heading out for a meal at a charming Gatlinburg restaurant. Too tired? Maybe cooking up your own specialties and enjoying them together on your private balcony with a Smoky Mountain view is the most luxurious option.

Either way, after-dinner R&R can continue outdoors, move to the Jacuzzi, or take place on the couch, where there’s also a TV. There’s WiFi throughout the cabin to keep you connected, and a pool table if a game or two sounds like flirtatious fun. This is you and your other half’s escape from your day-to-day worries; why not ditch the tent and make it a great one?  

Make a Run for It – Book Today!

Don’t wait until your dates are sold out; reserve A Great Escape today! If you’re not sure if this is the perfect Gatlinburg chalet for you, don’t worry. You’ve got options. Ski Mountain Chalets has other cabins in Gatlinburg to keep the two of you out of the weather, so give them a call!